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Nate Hadley, a folk singer-songwriter based out of Winchester, VA, has been making his mark on music communities, leaving a lasting impression from the Virginias to the Carolinas. Born and raised in West Virginia, Nate recently returned home, reigniting his connection with his roots and discovering his passion in the folk genre.

Influenced by artists like Tyler Childers, Noah Kahan, Jason Isbell, and The Lumineers, Nate blends his soulful storytelling and raw acoustic instrumentation with a refreshing modern feel that highlights the honest nature of folk. Nate's music embodies authenticity, drawing inspiration directly from his personal experiences. The allure of his songs lies in their ability to unveil genuine emotions, creating a profound connection with his audience who can readily relate to the heartfelt sentiments expressed.



Nate now finds himself in a captivating chapter of his musical journey. After a fall season filled with performances that resonated with audiences across state lines, he turned his focus to the creation of his debut EP—an eagerly awaited milestone that promises to unveil a slate of refined and intricate songs, all while retaining the burning passion that initially captivated early fans of his sound. 

With the release of his EP imminent and a growing fanbase, Nate currently is booking spring and summer shows while securing other opportunities for later on. His goal is clear: to open for bigger acts, play at notable venues, and land spots in festivals. 

Throughout his journey Nate has remained true to himself, the people he loves, and the songs that he writes. As he charts his course through upcoming performances, releases, and future aspirations, keep a lookout for this gifted songwriter propelling himself through the Appalachian folk scene and beyond. 

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The natural sounds of birds singing and the crashing waves is soothing, just like Hadley’s expressive vocals, and they mesh beautifully with the acoustic guitar strumming and stunning harmonies. 


The thing that I liked the most is the passion with which he interprets his songs.Sweet and ethereal melodies that manage to speak directly to the heart to the soul.


Com certeza, Nate Hadley é um dos artistas mais promissores do momento vigente, porque não lhe falta além do talento, foco e determinação.

Certainly, Nate Hadley is one of the most promising artists of the moment, because he doesn't lack, besides talent, focus and determination.


The song 'sunset over paris' has an indie folk sound where the beautiful guitars accompaniment allowing singing to penetrate our souls.  


Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 2.04.56 PM.png

Opening with strumming and plucked guitar layers in a major key we're taken to a place of dreams.



You feel as though you’re in the same room as Nate as he’s just telling the story of his lost friend. It’s a vulnerable and fragile performance, but one of hope as he strives to ensure that his loss is our gain.


“sunset over paris” is tender and minimal, yet it can still reach the deepest depths of your soul. Its acoustic and folk influences shine dominantly throughout the song with its soothing chord progressions, offsetting the melancholy of its lyrics.

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