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Nate Hadley is a folk-pop and indie-rock artist & producer based in Winchester, VA. Born with a natural love for music, Nate has been involved with music all his life, but it wasn't until his senior year at Western Carolina University, back in 2020, that he decided to pursue it professionally. Originally planning to attend law school, Nate's roommates in college inspired him to follow his heart and begin a life in music.

You could say the spark of it all for Nate was back in college when he won the Best of the West Singer-Songwriter Competition at his University. From there, Nate spent time in Nashville performing at a number of venues including the  historic BlueBird Cafe. However, during the pandemic, Nate took a step back from live shows and began focusing on recording. Over the last two years Nate has released 8 singles and amassed over 80,000 streams across all platforms. Now he is making his return to live music with a jam packed fall schedule. 





Nate's music has been heavily influenced by the Lumineers and the Beatles. The Lumineers use of minimalism to bring out the raw emotion of a song is a technique Nate incorporates in his music. He is inspired by the Beatles' approach to songwriting and how they experimented with different sounds to cross genres. His creative process always begins with the desire to convey a specific emotion. He records a voice memo or writes down an idea for a song, then sits in the studio to create something based on the feeling he's after. Nate tries not to be rigid in what type of music he creates, mixing and matching lyrics, melodies, and arrangements until they fit together perfectly.


Upcoming this fall, Nate will be deviating from his recent single "a celestial dream," a smooth and soulful tune with a huge cinematic build, back to his folk roots with acoustic-driven songs. The first of these to be released is titled "Swallow Me Alive." Which has quickly become a favorite at his live performances. In the next few years, Nate hopes to release his first studio album and go on tour. With his passion for music and drive to succeed, there's no doubt that big things are on the horizon for Nate Hadley. 


Press Features 


The natural sounds of birds singing and the crashing waves is soothing, just like Hadley’s expressive vocals, and they mesh beautifully with the acoustic guitar strumming and stunning harmonies. 


The thing that I liked the most is the passion with which he interprets his songs.Sweet and ethereal melodies that manage to speak directly to the heart to the soul.


Com certeza, Nate Hadley é um dos artistas mais promissores do momento vigente, porque não lhe falta além do talento, foco e determinação.

Certainly, Nate Hadley is one of the most promising artists of the moment, because he doesn't lack, besides talent, focus and determination.


The song 'sunset over paris' has an indie folk sound where the beautiful guitars accompaniment allowing singing to penetrate our souls.  


Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 2.04.56 PM.png

Opening with strumming and plucked guitar layers in a major key we're taken to a place of dreams.



You feel as though you’re in the same room as Nate as he’s just telling the story of his lost friend. It’s a vulnerable and fragile performance, but one of hope as he strives to ensure that his loss is our gain.


“sunset over paris” is tender and minimal, yet it can still reach the deepest depths of your soul. Its acoustic and folk influences shine dominantly throughout the song with its soothing chord progressions, offsetting the melancholy of its lyrics.


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